KS Video Awards Guidelines-updated

KS National Robotic Surgery Video Awards Guidelines

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Entries submitted for the KS Awards will be considered for placement in the Videos section of The Vattikuti Foundation website video library.  To help us make the most of the videos you send to us, please consider the following:

The Videos section of the Vattikuti Foundation Robotic Surgery Institute website (http://vfrsi.vattikutifoundation.com/video) is a free resource available to help teach and inform surgeons about the latest in robotic surgery.  We require videos submitted to be informative and efficient.  Good editing is essential.  Not every minute of a procedure may be important to viewers, so please consider what clips you include.  Each video needs to have a well-written explanation (abstract) that accompanies it for us to use on the web page.  Robotic HD video of a procedure, plus external video or photos showing port and robot placement is very important.  Photos, MRI’s and CT scans are allowed.  Narration (in English) is required, as are on-screen titles and labels.  If there is nat. sound recorded during surgery, and it pertains to what the surgeon viewing it needs to know, please include it.  Viewers need to understand the significance of the video they are watching, the nuances, surgical tips, etc.  Videos must be 8-minutes or shorter to be considered for the KS Awards.

Important to note:

Unnarrated raw video of procedures, no matter how well done, is not welcome- videos need to include helpful, useful information.  

Using music will cause disqualification. (Since YouTube is our video library host, they prohibit copyrighted music of any type- and they have the means to detect it- we could lose the right to use their free service for our hundreds of videos if caught!)

Title page shall be 10-seconds or less, identifying the surgeon, procedure and hospital.

No continuous identification, photos or gratuitous video of the surgeon(s) permitted within the body of the program.

No patient identifiers allowed.

As an example, here are some excellent video submission guidelines suggested by Videourology:

1. Is video in HD? Y/N

2. Overall Video quality: High quality video without blurry images.

3. PowerPoint slide quantity: minimum 3, maximum 10.

4. Narration must be in English and audio quality must be audible, comprehensible, and clear.

5. Video edits and transitions must be smooth and appropriate.

6. Radiographs must be appropriate without any patient identifiers.

7. Clinical details provided with data analysis if a series of patients are described.

8. Conclusions should be based on the presented study and not overstated.

9. Assess video for novelty

Video formats accepted:  MPEG (.mp4-H.264). Quicktime (.mov)

Here is a link to the original announcement with further details:

More about the VFRSI website Videos section:

If you watch a video on the website that you feel is not helpful or accurate, please tell me.  (dmeinhard@localhost,) If you would like to share a video with us, please contact me.  The Vattikuti Foundation Robotic Surgery Institute has resources in India and the United States to accept your videos. 

For an example of a well-produced, informative video, please view this:


Dr. Somashekhar took the time to make an informative video his colleagues will appreciate viewing.  This is the type of video we would be glad to place more of on our website in the Media Library videos section. (Keep in mind- his video is 12-minutes, KS entries are limited to 8-minutes!)

We appreciate those who are taking time to produce videos for consideration for a KS Award! 

Please note:  Even if you do not wish to enter the KS Awards competition, the Vattikuti Foundation accepts your videos for the website as described above (but no time limit).  Please contact us anytime you wish to send us some of your work.

Good luck- and happy editing.

By : Dave Meinhard