Poverty Alleviation Initiative

Vattikuti Medical and Education foundation (VMEF) is dedicated to helping poverty alleviation in the rural Indian communities. The Poverty Alleviation Initiative (PAI) was launched in Sept 2009 by the foundation and focus on enlarging the scope of Community Based Organisation (CBO) led initiatives in entitlements, education, enterprises and employment (4Es), and health services besides providing support for livelihoods and financial inclusion. VMEF invests resources in effective MIS system for effective data collection and updating for regular planning, monitoring and evaluation which will be run by the community based organisations.


In 2010, VMEF in partnership with Initiative for Development Foundation(IDF) conducted data collection and participatory rural appraisal (PRA) as part of the initiative in Yediyur hobli of Kunigal taluk and Kadaba hobli in Gubbi taluk. Currently VMEF is in the phase 2 of the initiative and are expanding their activities to 10 more gram panchayat’s.


Poverty Alleviation initiative also focus on the establishment of the Community Service Centre’s (CSC) that serve as the single window service point to provide G2C, GP services, banking and other B2C, B2B services using IT. Seven such CSC are established, in partnership with IIM B lead consortium in Gubbi taluk and it being now extended with support from Govt. of Karnataka.We target to reach over a million people over the next 10 years under this project.

” VF is founded with the purposes of Charitable, Educational, Literary, Healthcare, Poverty Alleviation, Disaster Relief and Scientific Programming. “

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