Date: February 15, 2012

VFRSI Adds New Partner

Providence Hospital, Southfield, Michigan

Southfield, MI, USA- The Vattikuti Foundation adds Providence Hospital, Southfield, Michigan, to the Vattikuti Foundation Robotic Surgery Institute global network. A one million dollar donation, funding a new da Vinci Si surgical robot system- marks the beginning of a new partnership with the Vattikuti Foundation Robotic Surgery Institute. The new partner is called The Providence-Vattikuti Women’s Robotic Surgery Institute. This venture helps expand the Foundation’s current strength in women’s health issues. The VFRSI has long been known as the leader in men’s prostate surgery, thanks to the Vattikuti Urology Institute at Henry Ford Hospital, and Dr. Mani Menon, its founder, and pioneer surgeon.

Dr. Lakshmi Gavini, a Providence gynecologist, welcomes the affiliation, and the robot: “Acquiring the new da Vinci robot and becoming a part of the Vattikuti Foundation’s Robotic Surgery Institute sets (us) apart …in the region for gynecological robotic surgery. We are very grateful to the Vattikuti Foundation for their generosity and for the opportunity to become a partner in such an elite group of robotic surgery centers.” The robot has already been used extensively.

Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, C E O of the Vattikuti Foundation notes: “We now have even more resources in Southeastern Michigan that can be utilized to help spread ideas to the world, while helping patients right here.”

The VFRSI, an offshoot of the 15-year-old Vattikuti Foundation, is known as the world leader in high-tech robotic surgery. They procure equipment, sponsor surgical research, offer training through mentoring and conferences, and also have an extensive knowledge-sharing database. Europe and India also have partner hospitals.

“We had a great success in our venture we had, and really wanted to give it back to the community”, says Foundation president and co-founder Raj Vattikuti. “The way we want to give it back, (is) so that we can make a real difference, not just donating money, but the what most advanced technologies we can help to bring, to solve cancer issues in men and women”
“We have been blessed, we really wanted to make a difference”, says Padma Vattikuti, Raj’s wife and Foundation co-founder. “We wanted some very novel and innovative means of giving it back”
“We are grateful to Raj and Padma Vattikuti and the Vattikuti Foundation for their generous donation towards the purchase of the da Vinci Si. This gift and our new partnership through the Providence-Vattikuti Women’s Robotic Surgery Institute presents a unique opportunity…” -Susan E. Burns, president of St. John’s Providence Health System.

The Vattikuti Foundation Robotic Surgery Institute is a group of centers of excellence dedicated to the practice of state-of-the-art robotic surgery. The expanding global network of multi-specialty Institutes are all dedicated to the best in patient care, and to sharing ideas across their various specialties. Having this high-tech opportunity to reach all levels of society is but one goal of the parent Vattikuti Foundation. Poverty alleviation, disaster relief, education and other charitable causes continue to be part of their focus.

(Compiled from Vattikuti Foundation and St. John Providence Health system sources)