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Poverty Alleviation Initiative

The Vattikuti Foundation has been committed to improving the socio-economic dynamics of India’s less fortunate since 2009. Our research shows that many people living in the more remote rural regions have no productive assets, and face a continued struggle to ensure food security, adequate healthcare and a multitude of interrelated livelihood issues. We have developed novel initiatives to help guide these individuals and their families to self-sufficiency and to connect them economically to the mainstream markets.


Households targeted
Out of total number of 160,137 Households


Population Covered
Spread across seven districts in two states
Impact Study of

Financial Inclusion and Livelihood Security

Our poverty relief program is currently active in the states of Karnataka and Assam. The primary focus is on the livestock, dairy, weaving, and tailoring micro businesses. We provide livelihood support and teach them about how to obtain financial credit on their own, generating a culture of sustainable responsibility.

Farmers suicide prevention

Gaja cyclone Relief

Safe Drinking water

Scholarship program

Vattikuti India relief

World Cancer Day Programme

Measures taken for

Ensuring Progress



Scholarships & financial support to meritorious students for continuing their education


Financial Inclusion

Ensuring access to timely, low-cost and adequate financial services to vulnerable groups


Health Care

Improving the quality of life by leading advancement of healthcare solutions & education


COVID Relief

Investing in transferring relief measures to India to address immediate impact of COVID-19 


Spreading Happiness

The Vattikuti Foundation CEO Dr. Mahendra Bhandari visiting a rural Indian Village to ascertain ways the Vattikuti Foundation might help to raise the standard of living for the residents through specially directed programs

Creating a difference


The Foundation has succeeded in lifting 30,611 households, with 122,444 people out of poverty. By leveraging technology, we anticipate that we could cut down the cost of this program from $86/ rural household to $7-10/household

Districts covered

Total : 7

Karnataka (4)
Assam (3)


Total : 680,295

Karnataka (445,220)
Assam (235,000)

No. of Household

Total : 160,137

Karnataka (101,220)
Assam (58,917)

Household Targeted

Total : 66,000

Karnataka (42,000)
Assam (24,000)

Household Credit linked

Total : 12,551

Karnataka (6637)
Assam (5914)

Household Out of poverty

Total : 6343

Karnataka (3983)
Assam (2360)
Mission and Vision

The Way Forward

Following overall setbacks which occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, we plan to focus on all-weather sustainable livelihoods within specific geographies; leveraging technology and with a hands-on approach. The Foundation plans to team with a select group of NGOs with outstanding social entrepreneurship track records to help us accomplish this mission.