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The Vattikuti Foundation

A non-profit organization founded by Raj and Padma Vattikuti in 1997

The achievements of the Vattikuti Foundation stem from Indian-born Raj Vattikuti who immigrated to Detroit, Michigan to advance his education. Establishing his home in the United States, Vattikuti’s innovative spirit and relentless work ethic forged prosperous international business ventures in the information technology industry.

Equal parts entrepreneur and philanthropist, Raj along with his devoted wife Padma, made the commitment to share their wealth to elevate the health and well-being of others. Together they established the Vattikuti Foundation (VF) in southeast Michigan, where their business success had commenced. The surrounding communities in Detroit were the first to receive the benefits of their purposeful gifts. Yet the Vattikutis never forgot their roots in India and made intentional high-impact gifts in their country of origin. Today the Vattikuti Foundation spans the globe, enhancing lives of countless individuals by facilitating medical and surgical advancements, education, humanitarian relief and social empowerment initiatives.

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The Foundation catapulted the advancement of robotic surgery to improve outcomes for patients with prostate cancer with a noteworthy contribution of $20 Million to form the Vattikuti Urology Institute at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.   Under the vision of pioneer urologist, Dr. Mani Menon and team introduced and perfected a new methodology for prostate surgery with the “Vattikuti Institute Prostatectomy.”   Notoriety spread of the success in using robots to assist surgeons for prostate cancer, showcasing the value of computer-assisted surgery to the world.  Minimally invasive robotic surgery applications now are soaring and well-accepted by the patients and surgeons alike, becoming the standard of care across the globe.

Coinciding with the advancements in robotic surgery for prostate surgery, the VF bestowed $20 Million to the William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan to build the state-of-the-art Vattikuti Digital Breast Diagnostic Center.  Over the last two decades,  thousands of women have received expert diagnosis and care with the technology, equipment and advancements underwritten by the VF.

The Foundation continuously conducts international training activities and forums, leads the adoption of robotic surgery and partners across hospitals in four continents to teach, contribute surgical data, share surgical techniques and collaborate through professional organizations.

The VF prides itself as a vital interface between emerging technologies and applications on human subjects to improve lives.    One of its near-term goals is to implement home monitored patient care (outside-the-hospital) using technology-driven approaches to cut the cost of treatment and improve treatment outcomes.

The VF also is dedicated to uplift the ultra-poor strata of society and help to bring people above the poverty line.  Empowering, enriching, enlightening and improving the lives of generations to come is the quest at the Vattikuti Foundation.

Vattikuti Fellowship Program

The training of future Robotic Surgeons has been a major effort of the Vattikuti Foundation. The Vattikuti Foundation has trained 100 Vattikuti Fellows through our several national and international Fellowship programs. Young surgeons are placed at VF network institutions and other premier institutions for one-year terms, with internationally recognized mentors serving as Fellowship Directors. We also send Vattikuti International Fellows to the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York for an intense training in robotic surgery.

Patient Education Program

Our patient education program is focused on increasing patient knowledge and awareness, advising on prevention and on helping relieve the anxiety that patients endure when facing surgery. At the other end of the spectrum, the Foundation is grounded with the ultra-poor population in India. We closely work with them in different Indian states, to empower communities and individuals to move out of abject poverty and live with dignity and prosperity.

Our social empowerment initiatives include poverty alleviation, rural health, a farmers' suicide prevention program, preventative care and educational scholarship programs. The Foundation responded to the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2020, partnering with the Henry Ford Health System and the City of Detroit to fund and launch onsite testing programs for all residents of the city’s 126 nursing homes and senior assisted living facilities.

Our Vision

To empower societies with information and resources in order to help them improve their lives. We want to provide members of society with the ability to take charge of their health and resources and use them to their full potential.

Our Mission

We bring meaning to human lives through social empowerment, leveraging technology, surgical innovation and education. We, as co-creators of robotic surgery, filled in the space between the technology and its ultimate purpose of improving the quality of human lives.

The Vattikuti Foundation


Raj and Padma established the Vattikuti Foundation in 1997, a “not-for-profit” organization with the laser focus on improving the quality of human life by bringing robotic surgery to the world and introducing several social empowerment initiatives in India.

Mr Raj VattiKuti


Raj Vattikuti is an American Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has founded a string of successful enterprises including Altimetrik, Covansys, Synova, Vattikuti Ventures, Vattikuti Technologies, and Davinta Technologies. Raj firmly believes that enterprises should implement emerging technologies and support talent within their organizations for holistic development. Raj has supported some of the leading global players in healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, retail, travel hospitality, and finance.

Established in 1997, The Vattikuti Foundation serves communities in Michigan and India. The Foundation established the Vattikuti Urology Institute at Henry Ford Health in Detroit, Michigan and The Vattikuti Digital Breast Diagnostic Center at Beaumont Health in Royal Oak. In India, the Vattikuti Foundation focuses on developing the socio-economic infrastructure to uplift under-privileged people through the Poverty Alleviation Program. In April 2020, he donated to facilitate on-site COVID-19 testing for residents of Detroit’s senior assisted living facilities.

Mrs Padma Vattikuti


Padma Raj Vattikuti is an American Indian philanthropist. Raised in India, Padma came to the United States in 1978. She has been instrumental in founding the Vattikuti Foundation along with her husband. She believes that helping the under-privileged is vital and crucial. Padma has a master’s degree in biochemistry, genetics and nutrition from Venkateswara University, India.

Mrs. Vattikuti has served on the boards of the Merrill-Palmer Institute, Red Cross Southeastern Michigan Chapter, Michigan Asian Business Council and as a council member of Arts of Asia and Islamic Art at the Detroit Institute of Arts. As an art connoisseur, Padma spends her time restoring different facets of history through various exhibitions and museum restorations and has collected Southeast Asian art for two decades.
The Vattikuti Foundation

Board of Directors


Mr Raj Vattikuti

Padma V

Mrs Padma Vattikuti

Vice President

Mr Nicholas Stasevich

Director | Butzel Long, Detroit

Mr Timothy Manney

Altemetrik | Detroit, Michigan

Mr Sean Sant

Partner, RSM US LLP | Greater Houston

Dr Mahendra Bhandari

Chief Executive Officer

Ms Tricia Hill

Executive Director
The Vattikuti Foundation

Team Members


Mr Goutham Surapaneni

Lead, Technology

Ms Giovanna Papa

Executive Director

Mr Dave Meinhard

Fellowship Program | Video/Web Producer

Ms Hannah Hensel
MBA (Michigan)

Branding and Communication

Associate Professor of Urology at the University of Cincinnati.

Dr. Nilesh Patil

Director of Surgical Education

Consultant, Urologic Oncologic and Robotic Surgeon,
Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai

Dr.Santosh Waigankar
M.S, M.Ch (Urol.)

VCQI Coordinator, India

Founder and creative head at Shadelic Design House

Ms Prerana Golechha
Shadelic Design House

Social Media Manager
Website Designer