Vattikuti Explorers

What is Vattikuti Explorers?

The Vattikuti Foundation is launching an inspiring initiative named Vattikuti Explorers, specifically designed for medical students with a keen interest in healthcare innovation. This new vertical aims to sow the seeds of innovation and exploration early in the journey of medical education. It presents a unique opportunity for ambitious medical students seeking to add an extra dimension to their educational experience, providing them with hands-on training, access to advanced surgical training and new technologies, and the chance to connect closely with leading innovators across various fields.

Being a part of the Vattikuti Explorers means more than just enhancing your CV; it’s about gaining a competitive edge that could leapfrog your career into its inception or take it to new heights. The Vattikuti Foundation, with its rich history in promoting robotic surgery and training surgeons in this cutting-edge field, is extending its vision through this program. We are on a quest to identify medical students worldwide who inherently possess a flair for innovation. The goal is to work closely with these students, expose them to the multifaceted nature of innovation, and link them with pioneers in their interest areas, thereby fostering their growth into independent innovators.

As a Vattikuti Explorer, you would not merely be a student; you’d be an integral part of a movement towards integrating innovation into the study and practice of medicine. The Foundation envisions its Explorers to be the vanguard of this movement, leading the charge in transforming healthcare through innovative thinking and cutting-edge technologies.

Your career, fueled by the experiences and connections gained through this program, would diverge from the traditional path. You would not only emerge as a medical professional but as an innovator capable of influencing change and advancing healthcare practices. This initiative offers a rare chance to be at the forefront of medical innovation, where your contributions could shape the future of healthcare.

In summary, the Vattikuti Explorers initiative by the Vattikuti Foundation represents a transformative step for medical education. It is an invitation to those who aspire to be more than just practitioners – to those who aim to be pioneers, innovators, and leaders in the field of medicine. This program promises to equip participants with the skills, knowledge, and networks necessary to make a significant impact on their careers and the world of healthcare. There is a $10.00 USD application fee and an annual $5.00 USD membership fee.

What benefits are there for me?

The benefit of becoming a Vattikuti Explorer is that the Vattikuti Foundation will provide you with different opportunities that most medical students would not be exposed to during their school career.

There are two immediate educational programs available to those chosen to be in Vattikuti Explorers.

Option 1
The first is an opportunity to be one of eight selected to go to Melle, Belgium, home of Orsi Academy. Orsi Academy is known for its state-of-the-art training center. Jr. Orsi, the medical school student arm of Orsi Academy, is hosting “Summer School” 19-21 August 2024. This 3-day immersion will include a cohort of students progressing through the European medical system from Belgium, Germany and Italy. All participants will receive hands-on training on surgical robots and high-quality lectures.

Option 2
The second opportunity is to join all Vattikuti Explorers and Jr. Orsi in Jaipur, India 14-16 February 2025 for the Vattikuti Foundation’s KS International Innovation Awards, and its accompanying symposium, Humans at the Cutting Edge of Robotic Surgery. During this 3-day symposium, global experts in robotic surgery will come together to share innovative uses of technology and procedures. The Explorers and Jr. Orsi will team up and have dedicated presentation time at this conference.

Ongoing benefits include access to world-renowned mentors who are experts in their field. They can help guide and mentor you as you start your career.

After residency, fellowship opportunities are available (separate application process) which allows further study in several fields such as Gynecology, Urology, Surgical Oncology. Fellowship applicants are required to have completed a nationally approved and accredited residency program and be willing to go to India for a one year training period. For more information,

The Foundation hosts several virtual master classes, webinars, and lecture series throughout the year. Current Explorers will have access all of these, free of charge. Currently, lecture series registration fees are $25.00 USD, which will be waived.

How do I apply?

Anyone interested in applying should fill out the Vattikuti Foundation Explorers Application given below. Included with your submission will be a one-page description of yourself and your interests. Additionally, we would like a video essay of you answering the questions provided. We are looking for a dynamic, diverse group of students who are the most excited about innovation in healthcare. Make sure that shows! There is a $10.00 USD application fee.