What is the Vattikuti Innovators Challenge?

The Vattikuti Innovators Challenge (VIC) is a competition for medical students worldwide. The purpose of the competition is to see who can come up with out-of-the-box ideas and solutions to address problems in medicine.

Teams of 2 will work together to solve the competition question which will be provided once registered. Teams can be self-selected or assigned.

VIC 2024 Competition Theme: Teaching & Learning Human Anatomy

Details of the case and competition exercise will be accessible to applicants upon entry to the Competition.

Objectives of VIC
  • Learn how to communicate with various audiences throughout the medical community
  • Interact with students learning medical practices from multiple countries
  • Demonstrate imaginative thinking
  • Present problem-solving solutions
  • Exhibit primary and secondary research skills, to include seeking external advice and data as well as input from teachers and experts
  • Experience peer-to-peer learning from medical students receiving education from different parts of the world

Competition Process

Team Submissions
  • Team Composition:
    • Submissions to be made by teams of two Explorers
    • Teams of two are self-selected but both members must be current Explorers
    • We would encourage participants to have partners from different medical schools both within the country or from a different country
  • Each team is encouraged to seek external advice, data and input from teachers, experts
    • Acknowledge these sources at the end of the submission

Challenge 2024 Submission Requirements

Written Narrative:

minimum 500, maximum 2,000-word written document.


Summary of lessons learned 250-500 words.


Minimum of 10 references (list of references will not be included in the word count).


PDF format with single spacing, 12-pt font.


Use graphics, pictures, and illustrations to enhance the presentation (these are excluded from word count).


Inclusion of data and analytics (these are excluded from word count)

Judging will take place 1 October – 31 October 2024. Finalists will be notified via email after 1 November 2024.

What happens if I’m one of the top 5 teams?

In-Person Presentations:

International Academic Symposium: Humans at the Cutting Edge of Robotic Surgery, Jaipur India

For the selection of semi-finalists on 1 November, there will be a total of five teams based on the top-ranking submissions. This group of ten will be invited to present their submission at the international audience of attendees at the academic symposium, Humans at the Cutting Edge of Robotic Surgery, February 14-16, 2025, to be held in Jaipur, India.

Teams will have from 02 December 2024 – 14 February 2025 to prepare for in-person presentations and podium time at the symposium.

Requirements for top 5 Teams

  1. Written confirmation of leave from the appropriate authorities at your institution for a minimum of 14-16 February 2025 and any travel time required for invitations for the in-person live presentation and award ceremony.
  2. PowerPoint Presentation limited to 10 slides submitted on the Vattikuti Foundation template slides to be provided.
    • 10-minute duration: 8 minutes presentation time + 2 minutes Q&A
  3. Narrative must be given live by the team
  4. Content:
    • Title Slide Requirements: Competitors Name, Institution, Name of the project/submission, date
    • Presentation of scope problem
    • Context of problem
    • The Innovative Solution
    • Last slide: List of References and acknowledgements
    • Title slide and Reference slide do not count towards the 10 slides maximum
  5. Permitted: Video clips and animation
  6. Prohibited: Music is NOT permitted in presentations
  7. Team Composition: One or both team members may present but the work time allotted will not to exceed a total of 8 minutes.


Top 5 teams will be eligible for a travel allowance to attend symposium and awards ceremony in Jaipur, India ($500 USD for Indian competitors, $1,000 USD for international competitors), including 5-Star hotel accommodations for two nights and free registration to the event.

First Prize:

$500 USD


$250 USD

Cash prizes to be announced and awarded at the KS International Awards Ceremony

Saturday, February 15, 2025 - ITC Rajputana Hotel, Palace Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Qualifications for All Applicants

All entrants must be currently enrolled as a Vattikuti Explorer.

Vattikuti Explorers enrollment details found on the Vattikuti Foundation website https://vattikutifoundation.com

Key Dates

Closing Date:

30 September 2024

Finalist Selection:

1 November 2024

Academic Symposium:

14-16 February 2025 (Jaipur, India)


14 February 2025 (Jaipur, India)

Awards Ceremony:

15 February 2025 (Jaipur, India)

For questions, contact Sarika Mehta at sarika@vattikutifoundation.com.

Application Form