The Art and Science of High Impact Research



The registration fee of $25.00 USD includes all lectures in this series.

Research is an integral component to the practice of medicine.  The knowledge gained from research is necessary in order to optimally treat patients and proceed with a course of care.


The objective for this lecture series:

  • Learn to generate pointed research questions
  • Develop skills for collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting honest research outcomes
  • Lay the foundation for problem solving and evidence-based decision-making


The global faculty share their experiences in research and provide participants with knowledge and insights on how to take their research to the next level – focusing on high throughput, high impact research, grant applications, and focusing on building global collaborations to have a larger impact in medicine.


This lectures series is the compilation of courses conducted by the Vattikuti Foundation in collaboration with the department of Urology at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) in Manipal, Karnataka, India in August 2022 during the symposium on “The Art and Science of High Impact Publications” and the VUI Center for Outcomes Research, Analytics and Evaluation (VCORE) Research Retreat 2023 at the Vattikuti Urology Institute (VUI) at Henry Ford Health in Detroit, Michigan, USA.


The lectures are generic in nature and benefit faculty, residents, and fellows irrespective of their specialty. It also gives a glimpse of reviewers and editors’ mindset to enhance the probability of acceptance of their work by high impact journals. Attendees will have this opportunity to learn from experts and/or highly published researchers on how to steer through early academic careers and build successful global collaborations needed for conducting multicentric studies producing high levels of evidence.


This lecture series is designed for serious researchers who are willing to dedicate their time and learn directly from the masters. 


Lecture Syllabus


  1. High Throughput and Collaborative Research: VCORE Experience (15:00)
  2. The Process of Generating and Publishing High Impact Research (31:00)
  3. My Journey Following Residency (32:00)
  4. Charting the Path from Trainee to Academic Surgeon: Navigating First Two Years and Beyond (27:00)
  5. Grant Applications: Opportunity for Clinical Health Disparities Research (14:20)
  6. Organizing Multicentric Studies and Building Global Collaborations (59:35)
  7. Constructing A Multi-Institutional Prospective Clinico-Genomic Data Registry and Conducting Registry-Based Trials (29:50)
  8. Accessing Analyzing and Publishing of Big Data (38:45)
  9. Large Language Models in Healthcare:  ChatGPT’s Role in Giving Medical Information (10:40)
  10. Producing High Level of Evidence- Conduction of Rigorous Randomized Controlled Trials (28:00)
  11. Overcoming Treatment Selection Bias in Observational Studies:  An Other-Cause Mortality Match Methodology (11:10)
  12. Methods of Conducting a High-Quality Systematic Review (11:10)




Additional Information
Course Duration

Course spread across 11 sessions of varying times. Total listening time 06:06:45

Start Date

23 February 2024