Decoding Cancer: Patient Perspective

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The Vattikuti Foundation Webinar Series features former Vattikuti Fellow Dr. Abhinav Deshpande, Consultant Onco & Robotic Surgeon at the National Cancer Institute, Nagpur as he presented a program specifically designed for informing Patients about the many facets of cancer prevention, diagnosis and myriad of treatments available currently and in the future. Dr. Anand Pathak, Senior Consultant Oncologist & Director of the National Cancer Institute, Nagpur, served as Moderator, facilitating discussion following the presentation. Join them for a very informational exploration of a complex subject. Edited recording of a live webinar, with PowerPoints photos, surgery videos and discussion. Presentation runs from 2:00 to 42:00, discussion follows to 58:00.

Date : November 13th, 2020

Time: 9:00 pm IST | 10:30 am EST



Dr Abhinav Deshpande

Consultant Onco and Robotic surgeon, National Cancer Institute, Nagpur


Dr Anand Pathak

Senior Consultant Oncologist & Director of National Cancer Institute, Nagpur