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Vattikuti Foundation Webinar Series featured Transplant Surgeon Dr. Sunil Shroff. Dr. Shroff is affiliated with the Madras Medical Mission Hospital in Chennai and is the managing trustee of a non-government, non-profit organization called the MOHAN Foundation. A major focus of his work is to raise awareness about deceased organ donation transplantation in India so that more at-risk individuals can be provided with a life-saving organ.

Vattikuti Foundation CEO Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, himself a longtime transplant surgeon, will serve as Moderator. We begin with a short discussion, followed by the formal presentation from Dr Schroff, which begins at 09:25. at 55:25. Dr. Shivam Priyadarshi, of SMS Merdical College has an additional presentation. Discussion follows at 1:02:50, led by Dr. Mahendra Bhandari. Lectures, discussion, with PPT's, 1:22:00

Date : Apr 9th, 2021

Time: 7:30 pm IST | 10:00 am EDT



Dr Sunil Shroff

Senior Consultant - Urology & Transplantation, Madras Medical Mission Hospital, Chennai


Dr Mahendra Bhandari

CEO, Vattikuti Foundation