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VUI Precision Prostatectomy Outcomes Study Published

Date : December 4, 2021

Dr. Mani Menon and his team from the Vattikuti Urology Institute have newly published research in the European Urology Surgery-in Motion series: Description of Surgical Technique and Oncologic and Functional Outcomes of the Precision Prostatectomy Procedure (IDEAL Stage 1–2b Study)

"To describe our novel technique of precision prostatectomy, a form of surgical focal therapy that allows radical excision of the index PCa lesion along with >90% prostatic tissue extirpation while preserving the prostatic capsule and seminal vesicle/vas deferens complex on the side contralateral to the dominant cancer lesion, and to report on medium-term functional and oncologic outcomes in the first 88 consecutive men who underwent this procedure between December 2016 and January 2020."

The VUI team has been working for several years on Dr. Menon's goal of preserving both continence and sexual function in men with prostate cancer by removing a significant portion of the prostate, targeting the cancer cells, but leaving the 'capsule' and related nerves intact. (Pathologists confirm the absence of cancer cells in the remaining 'capsule' tissue.) The VUI researchers followed IDEAL protocols. The 36-month survival rate was 100%, according to the study.

One significant conclusion from the researchers: "At 36-mo follow-up, the oncologic outcomes and secondary treatment rates appear to be superior to existing ablative focal therapy results."

Another finding: "The technique appears to be safe and efficacious and adds to the growing armamentarium of risk-adapted therapies for treatment of localized prostate cancer that avoid the adverse effects on urinary and erectile function of whole-gland treatments."

~Research was funded in part by a grant from the Vattikuti Foundation.~

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