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Artificial Intelligence Now Being Used to Select UTI Treatment Regimen

Date : January 3, 2022

Our colleagues in Urology will be interested to learn that Israeli researchers at the Technionā€“Israel Institute of Technology have developed an algorithm for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program concerning UTI's in women. The AI considers many patient factors to determine the best antibiotics to treat Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). This affords patients a personalized treatment, rather than using standardized formulas for medicines. Doctors at Maccabi Healthcare Services have treated "tens of thousands" of women patients, according to the online journal MedicalXpress.

The Technion Institute adds: "Since the new algorithm was introduced there has been a drop of around 35% in the need to switch antibiotics following the development of bacterial resistance to the drug prescribed."

For more information, please use this link to access the full MedicalXpress article: