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Perioperative outcomes following robotā€‘assisted partial nephrectomy for complex renal masses: A Vattikuti Collective Quality Initiative database study

Date : October, 2022

An International team has released a study on Robot Assisted Partial Nephrectomy (RAPN) in the Indian Journal of Urology using data from the Vattikuti Collective Quality Initiative database. They studied results from 3801 patients with various size renal tumors who underwent the RAPN at hospitals in India, United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Belgium, South Korea, Australia, Portugal and Turkey.

From their Abstract:
"Introduction: Outcomes of robot-assisted partial nephrectomy (RAPN) depend on tumor complexity, surgeon experience and patient profile among other variables. We aimed to study the perioperative outcomes of RAPN for patients with complex renal masses using the Vattikuti Collective Quality Initiative (VCQI) database that allowed evaluation of multinational data.Methods: From the VCQI, we extracted data for all the patients who underwent RAPN with preoperative aspects and dimensions used for an anatomical (PADUA) score of ā‰„10. Multivariate logistic regression was conducted to ascertain predictors of trifecta (absence of complications, negative surgical margins, and warm ischemia times [WIT] <25 min or zero ischemia) outcomes."

In this excellent article, the authors describe some minor glitches- and fixe. They also provideexperience-based suggestions for surgical teams on how they have learned to efficiently set up this new system.

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