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Global Robotic Surgery Conference set for Miami

Date : November, 2022

A gathering of over one hundred of the world's top robotic surgeons will meet in Miami for the "Humans on the Cutting Edge of Robotic Surgery" symposium on November 19th. Sponsored by the Vattikuti Foundation, the day-long program will feature sessions for surgeons in the fields of Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Urology, Thoracic, Head & Neck Surgery and Joint Repair/Replacement (Orthopedics).

"While a surgical robot uses technology to improve patient outcomes several fold, it is surgeons who continuously innovate to create procedures with better outcomes. This is precisely why the symposium presents an opportunity to learn from eminent robotic surgeons, we call ‘humans at the cutting edge of technology,'" said Dr Mahendra Bhandari, CEO, Vattikuti Foundation.

Twenty countries will be represented, according to the Foundation. The highlight of the symposium will be a session on how surgical precision improves patient outcomes by Dr. Mani Menon, Chief of Strategy and Innovation, Department of Urology, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York; Dr Alex Mottrie, Head of Urology, OLV Hospital, Aaist, Belgium, Dr Alberto Piana, Clinical Research Fellow, Fundacio Puigvert, Barcelona, Spain and Dr Ash Tewari, Professor and Chairman of Urology, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York are also some of the headliners.

The Vattikuti Foundation will also be awarding prizes for the top three robotic surgery videos for the 2022 KS International Robotic Surgery Innovation Awards. This is the first international iteration of the KS Robotic Surgery Video Awards, which has been run for seven years previously by the VF. Winners are from a Spanish/Italian team, India and the United States.

The Vattikuti Foundation, founded by Innovator & Philanthropist Raj Vattikuti and his wife Padma over 20-years ago, has (among many charitable programs), supported Robotic Surgery research, training, scholarships and Fellowships. Over 100 young surgeons have been awarded one-year Fellowships with some of the world's top robotic surgeons. Many of these Vattikuti Fellows have gone on to lead programs in hospitals around the world.

Following the symposium's conclusion, videos of the sessions​will join nearly 900-videos about Robotic Surgery on the Foundation's website: These videos have been viewed -for free- thousands of times by robotic surgeons and the public, seeking to learn more about minimally-invasive robotic surgery.