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An American University is Using Games to Improve Robotic Surgery Teams

Date : January, 2023

The Medical University of South Carolina, in conjunction with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center worked to create the Robot Olympics, purpose-driven games consisting of four 'escape rooms,' with problems relevant to robotic surgery- for teams to solve. From the MUSC release:

"In one, players had to identify safety hazards; in another, they had to troubleshoot the machinery. And in yet another, they had to retrieve instruments. The fourth room required them to navigate the workspace effectively, learning to maneuver around the robotic equipment and other obstacles. Sixteen surgical team members at Cedars Sinai participated in the four escape rooms and reported high satisfaction with the experience (4.5 on a 5-point scale). They also said that they found the experience relevant to their work, the interactive nature of the game engaging and enjoyable and the techniques they learned useful for improving their performances. "