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The Vattikuti Foundation is excited to be sponsoring a new video series: Humans of Robotic Surgery

Date : January 2023

Humans of Robotic Surgery is a series launched by the Vattikuti Foundation, to recognize the surgical pioneers who could see that, which others ignored, the men and women who believed in technological assistance and computer assistance for minimally invasive surgery and envisioned patient outcomes as we see them now.

The history of these accomplishments has been documented in global medical journals, but their personal narratives have often not been told. As new generations of surgeons continue the quest, it is time to reflect on what has come before.

Conceived by Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, Vattikuti Foundation CEO, each program will regularly feature new interviews of some of these leaders. In effect, we are capturing a living history of the men and women who helped change the world of surgery.

Dr. Bhandari shares some of the reasons the Foundation is producing this series:
“The Vattikuti Foundation has been a driving force in supporting Robotic Surgery right from the initial efforts of innovative surgeons both here and abroad. This support continues yet today. It is important to note that robotic technology alone would not have shifted the surgical paradigm to what it is now without the brilliance, grit and intense belief in themselves that these Pioneers have exhibited. Despite the ongoing technological dominance and current crowding in the space of robotic surgery today, this rare breed of human continues to focus on durable patient outcomes as the means to measure the ultimate value of this technology. I believe that it is time to hear from these Pioneers, in their own words, on how surgery has been transformed forever. The Vattikuti Foundation’s Humans of Robotic Surgery video series is intended to help preserve their stories.”

The first program will feature Dr. Pascal Goldschmidt, who was instrumental in the Ohio State University’s efforts to acquire the first da Vinci Surgical System robot in the United States.