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US FDA Releases Medical Device Cybersecurity Video

The world we live in demands the use of interconnected data. Hospitals need cyber-connected technology internally and externally. Sadly, there are bad operators that are constantly attempting to infiltrate the systems that provide the data 'lifeblood' of medical facilities worldwide.

Today (1 May 2023), the US FDA has released a short new (3:12) video designed to increase Cybersecurity awareness among US hospitals. Some of the ideas pertain to institutions across the globe. From the FDA release:

New Video on Medical Device Cybersecurity: Tips on Incident Preparedness and Response

"This new video, Tips for Health Care Facilities: Cybersecurity Incident Preparedness and Response features Dr. Mark Jarrett, Chief Quality Officer from Northwell Health, with the key focus on how to prepare for a cybersecurity event and how to ensure patient safety during a prolonged cybersecurity event. The video also points viewers to supplementary materials on the FDA website to help health care facilities plan. We encourage you to watch the video to find out more about preparing for a cybersecurity event at your facility."

Here is the YouTube link

The FDA has provided several more links to informative topics. From their release: today

Additional Resources on Cybersecurity and Medical Devices

Along with this video, the FDA encourages health care delivery organizations to visit these additional resources on cybersecurity preparedness and planning:

The Team at the Vattikuti Foundation realizes that not all facilities may be able to access these US-specific items, but we do encourage every institution to learn what best practices and protective actions can be taken by YOUR hospital or clinic to protect your assets and patients today.