Minimally Invasive Groin Dissection

Open groin node dissection is a morbid procedure. Robotic groin dissection is a cutting edge technique which aims at reducing the complications of conventional groin dissection. In this Masterclass, we will discuss various methods of performing robotic groin dissection. This will help surgeons to give better results to their patients.

Program Moderators: Dr. Hemal & Dr. Jindal
  1. Talk by Dr. Rawal on Robotic conventional groin dissection
  2. Talk by Dr Tarun Jindal on robotic groin dissection by the lateral approach
  3. Talk by Dr Mutahar Ahmed on Single-Port Robotic Antegrade Bilateral Pelvic and Inguinal Lymph Node Dissection
  4. Q/A

Date : May 27, 2023

Time: 6:30 PM IST | 9:00 AM EDT



Dr. Tarun Jindal

Head and Senior consultant, Department of Uro-Oncology and Robotic Surgery, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Howrah


Dr. Mutahar Ahmed

Director, Center for Bladder Cancer, Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack, NJ, USA.


Dr. Ashok Hemal

Professor of Uro-Oncology, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, NC, USA


Dr. Sudhir Rawal

Medical Director and Chief of GenitoUro - Oncology Services, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi, India