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U.S. and Indian University Students Collaborate on Robotic Surgery Report

Vattikuti Foundation CEO Dr. Mahendra Bhandari was one of several medical professionals interviewed for a comprehensive, international report on the current status of robotic surgery. He was quoted in the St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper article describing how safe robotic surgery is: “The robot is totally under the control of the surgeon and does not do anything on its own,”

Indian and American patients and surgeons were interviewed for this joint report, produced by American and Indian university students. The study is full of not only positive stories from surgeons and patients, but includes good advice for potential patients and future surgeons. Artificial Intelligence- and it's coming role in surgery is also touched on as the authors look to the future.

Additional note: In addition to the favorable copy about the efforts of the Vattikuti Foundation, two Vattikuti Foundation videos are embedded in the on-line version. One features Dr. Shabnam Bashir commenting on the VF, the other, Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan's remarks on robotic kidney transplantation. (Each has a 30-second ad, inserted by the newspaper preceding their comments.)

Here is the link to the complete St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper article

The Vattikuti Foundation is appreciative of the positive reporting from this international team of student reporters and for the participation from so many top robotic surgeons around the world in the making of this fine piece of journalism.