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Times of India Reports on the Need for Robotic Surgery Training

Much has happened in the years when the Vattikuti Foundation "Road Show" first exposed large numbers of Indian Surgeons to the possibilities of Robotic Surgery in 2011. There has been enormous growth, with the Times of India reporting that the current number is now 78- government and private hospitals that offer robotic surgery to their patients. The May 29th edition of the Times of India has a comprehensive article reflecting where training in robotic surgery stands today. Even the title has an optimistic view: "Robotic Surgery Training in India Holds Potential for Growth."

The article reports on the possible need for formal training programs, as is happening at institutions like the AII India Institutes of Medical Sciences (New Delhi, Rishikesh). Fellowship training for surgeons has been the accepted current practice India has employed to increase the number of experts, but moving forward, a standardized curriculum may become the best option.

Prof. Dr. Somashekhar SP, a Mentor Surgeon for the Vattikuti Foundation Fellowship Program, was quoted in the Times' article talking about the benefits Indian medical students have with access to technology: "Due to the dense population, getting training for students is possible in India, compared to most of the other countries that offer only observership training programs."

Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, CEO of the Vattikuti Foundation, appreciates the forward-looking article, and reflects on the progress he has seen since the Foundation's initial efforts: "Despite strong resistance at first to the Foundation's early presentations on robotic technology, India, and Indian Robotic Surgeons, have taken the lead in many aspects of minimally-invasive surgery. Our mission is to continue to provide support and training for India's most promising surgeons, because the next generation of patients deserve the benefits robotic surgery brings."

The Foundation, thanks to the generosity of Raj & Padma Vattikuti, has provided robotic surgery Fellowships to nearly 50- Indian Surgeons. In addition, they have supported Masterclasses, Robotic Surgeons Council of India meetings, the KS International Innovation Awards, and other initiatives supporting the growth of Robotic Surgery globally.