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VF CEO Suggests Possibilities for India-US Cooperation in Medicine, Pharma, AI

The recent state visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United States has created a buzz in the political, industrial and medical circles of both nations. The IANS news service has a short, but comprehensive piece published in many papers (print/online) across India, which uses quotes from Vattikuti Foundation CEO Dr. Mahendra Bhandari. Dr. Bhandari feels that there is cause for optimism when it comes to the two nations partnering to help those less fortunate. Here are some of his quotes from the article, reflecting on the Indian Diaspora:

“Highly accomplished Indian-origin doctors and surgeons can collaborate with the Indian healthcare system to bring in the best practices — from public health, robotic surgery to use of AI in delivering outcome-based medicine,” Bhandari told IANS. “On the other hand, the highly-advanced Indian pharma industry can collaborate with the large US pharma companies to manufacture critical drugs and vaccines for the less privileged nations of the world,” he added.

All of us at the Vattikuti Foundation are pleased to see our CEO being recognized as a highly-respected observer in this important effort. We hope that Dr. Bhandari’s ideas come to fruition, because the World needs more collaborative efforts to help others in need.

Please use this link to access the full India Tribune report.