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Dr. Gagan Gautam Shares Insight on Kidney Treatments

Indian publication The Week has an article featuring comments from Dr. Gagan Gautam, vice chairman-Uro Oncology and Robotic Surgery, Urology and Andrology, Kidney and Urology Institute, Medanta, Gurugram, and longtime Vattikuti Foundation friend and Mentor Surgeon to some of our Vattikuti Fellows. In the article, Dr. Gautam talks about new technology being used to diagnose kidney cancer, a growing health issue worldwide and new, targeted therapies for treatment.

The global perspective for diagnosis and treatment is very important as well, because knowledge shared helps everyone. Dr. Gautam is recognized internationally for his contributions and tells The Week: "... India's active participation in international clinical trials plays a significant role in evaluating new treatment modalities and advancing kidney cancer research, giving patients access to innovative therapies and improving outcomes for those with advanced-stage kidney cancer."

"The Vattikuti Foundation, a longtime leader in funding kidney research, applauds Dr. Gagan Gautam for his leadership in the treatment of renal cancers," says Dr. Mahendra Bhandari. "In addition, his generous sharing of knowledge with our Vattikuti Fellows continues to make a difference in the lives of patients now, and will continue to do so well into the future."

Please use this link to access the complete story in The Week