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VF CEO Interviewed by Digital Health News

Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, while in the midst of a multi-venue speaking trip to India, was interviewed by Indian media outlet 'Digital health News.' He spoke with their reporter Dr. Jayati Dubey, DHN, on a number of topics revolving around Robotic Surgery in India- and the Vattikuti Foundation's considerable involvement.

Here is an excerpt:
"Just to take you back 25 years, the Vattikuti Foundation was set up in 1997 by Indian American entrepreneur and philanthropist Raj Vattikuti and his wife Padma Vattikuti, with the single overarching mission of encouraging and supporting the use of robotic surgery. This mission we continue to pursue with a strong belief that “Humans At The Cutting Edge Of Surgery” reign supreme and technology without the man behind the machine has no role."

To read the complete, comprehensive report, please use this link: