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Vattikuti - ORSI Symposium Creating Excitement

Europe’s historic city Ghent, Belgium will host the Vattikuti Foundation’s Annual Robotic Surgery Symposium, Humans at the Cutting Edge of Robotic Surgery between October 6-8 with eminent surgeons from leading global healthcare providers including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinai and Stanford – sharing their surgical innovations and expertise garnered over decades with surgeons from around the world.

The Vattikuti Foundation has partnered with Belgium-based Orsi Academy to lead this academic symposium that promises to offer a multi-disciplinary discussion among a select group of internationally renowned robotic surgeons. The 3-day symposium with speakers and participants from 14 countries will focus on evidence-based procedures in the ever-growing field of robotic surgery

Several noteworthy publications are sharing the news preceding the October 6,7 & 8 Humans at the Cuttinge Edge of Robotic Surgery Symposium in Ghent, Belgium at the Van Der Valk Hotel and in Melle at the ORSI Academy.