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Vattikuti Foundation Fellowship Alum conducts Robotic Pyeloplasty in Pediatrics

5 January 2024

Upon completing the Vattikuti Foundation Fellowship in Robotic Uro-Oncology program in 2021, Dr. Varun V. Agarwal acknowledged: “I entered this field of robotics only after I got the Vattikuti Fellowship. Since then, there has been no looking back…!” Robotic surgery may still be in its nascent stages for many surgeries in the pediatric patient population, but is becoming more common with the skilled hand of Dr. Agarwal, now Consultant Urologist, Uro-Oncologist & Robotic Surgeon at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital. According to him, “Yes, apart from adults, robotic surgery is very much possible in children of all ages. The advantages of this amazing technique make the entire process of post surgical period very easy and pain free.”

Dr. Agarwal has found robotic surgery to be the right approach, especially for some youngsters requiring a pyeloplasty and describes a recent successful case: “This 6-year-old child came in (for a consult) with left-sided pain and swollen kidney (gross hydronephrosis).

This kid deserves a salute as he walked into the OT smilingly for robotic surgery, and was up and running on the 2nd day pain-free! Never saw a child so excited and happy about undergoing surgery and never did he shed a tear!”

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