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Dr. Craig Rogers on Post-op Pain Management Study

19 January 2024

Dr. Craig Rogers, a longtime surgeon/researcher under former Vattikuti Urology Institute (VUI) chair Dr. Mani Menon at Henry Ford Health, is medical director of the Vattikuti Urology Institute Center for Outcomes Research Analytics and Evaluation. He has commented on the results of a just-published pain meds study for a Urology Times video. The study: “Practice-Level Variation in Opioid-Free Discharge Following Surgery for T1 Renal Masses: A MUSIC-KIDNEY Analysis,” was published in the January 11 issue of Urology Practice.

MUSIC stands for the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative, an organization which includes Urologists from the VUI, University of Michigan, MIchigan State University and several other urology practices across Michigan. MUSIC Urologists collaborate regularly to share data and improve patient outcomes. In this study, 15 MUSIC practices followed 414 renal cancer patients who had surgery for cT1 renal masses. All were given a round-the-clock regimen of opioid-free pain management, with the option of requesting opioids, if needed. Nearly one-quarter (23.7%), were able to successfully manage their pain without using opioids.

Rogers says in the Urology Times video release : "For me, as a physician who treats patients with kidney cancer and does surgeries, where this study is going to help me and change my practice is making me more thoughtful and intentional in the way I approach my patients with their pain management."

To access the Urology Practice article, use this PubMed link: