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KS Awards-Winner's Technique is Gaining Followers

19 January 2024

The 2023 KS International Innovation Awards in Robotic Surgery Finalist and Third-place Winner Dr. Sandeep Nayak is sharing the news that his RABIT procedure for thyroid cancer, which earned him the KS Award, is being used by other surgeons because of the benefits experienced by both adult and pediatric patients. RABIT is Dr. Nayak's abbreviated name for: robotic assisted breast-axillo insufflated thyroidectomy. The procedure leaves minimal scarring, when compared with an open procedure. Patients are found to experience lower pain and achieve faster recovery.

Following the successful treatment over 150 adults, Dr. Nayak's first pediatric patient was a 7-year-old girl, who underwent a robotic thyroidectomy. Nayak stated in a January 7th article in The Week magazine, that this more difficult procedure: "...serves as a testament to the safety and efficacy of the technique for children and is poised to catalyse further progress in the field."

RABIT received exposure to some of the globe's top robotic surgeons at the Vattikuti Foundation-sponsored Humans at the Cutting Edge of Robotic Surgery symposium at the Orsi Academy last year in Melle, Belgium, plus the KS International Innovation Awards in Ghent, Belgium. Dr. Nayak says that ten other Indian centers are now using his RABIT technique.

All of us at the Vattikuti Foundation applaud his efforts in minimally-invasive surgery (and hope to see another entry in the 2024 KS International Innovation Awards later this year. (Look for the exciting announcement about entering the KS Awards on the website soon.)

Please use this link to read the informative article from This Week, which also describes another "tandem" Nayak thyroidectomy technique- RIA-MIND (robotic infraclavicular approach for minimally invasive neck dissection):