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NASA Sends Surgical Robot to ISS

31 January 2024

It's an endeavor that has long been talked about, but is now about to be tested in Space. This week, a 2-pound MIRA Robot was launched as one of the experiments included in the cargo of a scheduled NASA International Space Station (ISS) resupply mission. The first surgical robot to be sent into space, MIRA is a prototype designed for use in microgravity. Manufactured by Virtual Incision, the goal of this experiment will be to learn how it works when controlled from Earth, due to the delays inherent in transmissions between Earth and the ISS. How well it can perform in the absence of gravity will also be studied.

According to published reports, Virtual Incision is a spinoff of the University of Nebraska, which has received funding from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration-USA), to develop the surgical robot.

It has 2-robotic 'hands,' which can be used for various surgical tasks. Scientists from Nebraska will be remote testing it soon. We wish them success. For more information, please use these links:

Images courtesy: Virtual Incision website