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International Team Develops Post-Renal Transplant Assessment Tool

29 February 2024

Kidney transplants are not new, though recently, many are now being done with the help of surgical robots. A new tool to help assess patient lives after renal transplants has been announced by India's George Institute for Global Health, and Director Prof. Vivekanand Jha. Called 'Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology life participation,' or SONG-LP, it uses a self-assessment series of questions about how the new kidney has changed daily life: social activity, family, work and leisure time. The study had 249-patients, from 20-countries involved. quoted VF friend Prof. Vivekanand Jha regarding this new tool: "The process of developing this tool was quite rewarding, and it was educational to hear patients' and caregivers' voices and understand their priorities. We hope that clinicians and researchers around the world including in India will use it to improve the quality of care so that it becomes more patient-centered and informs patient-relevant research."

Please use this link to access the complete report: