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Non-invasive Brain Stimulation for Alzheimer's Treatment

5 March 2024

The IEEE Spectrum is reporting that Cognito Therapeutics, a medical startup, has devised a method for treating patients with Alzheimer's Disease using light and/or sound stimulation. 40-Hz frequency sound waves, administered through headphones or a light box resonate the brain to stimulate natural healing responses. According to the article, MIT studies in mice and a randomized control trial in humans have shown promise: "... it has been associated with preserved brain volume, strengthened connectivity between neurons, improved mental functioning, and more restful sleep, among other benefits."

The treatment, in simple terms, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers, helps to initiate a 'neural cleansing' process, helping remove beta-amloid 'lumps' in the brain. Current testing strategy requires 1-hour-per-day treatment, which can be done at home.

Spectrum reports that there is at least one company is already marketing a $2000-Dollar device providing some forms of the treatment, albeit ahead of "full regulatory approval."

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