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The use of surgical robots and artificial intelligence for gynecology is on the rise

4 MAY 2024

The Vattikuti Foundation advocates innovation in health care, as does the Apollo Hospital system in India. A recent article in Telegraph India interviews Dr. Rupashree Dasgupta of Apollo Kolkata, where she compares robotic vs laparoscopic or open surgeries. She states that almost any procedure can be done robotically, with many benefits, “Artificial intelligence is the future. Robots are now capable of assisting surgeons by adding two more hands to their two…”

Read more about Dr. Dasgupta and her opinion on transformative impact of robotic surgery in gynecology here: Dr. Rupashree Dasgupta | “Robot-assisted surgery is the future”, claims an eminent gynaecological surgeon, in an exclusive interview - Telegraph India.

Our Vattikuti Network Surgeon, Dr. Rooma Sinha, also of Apollo Hospitals, also shares the same opinion. She has completed over 700 robotic procedures and has held conferences such as RoboGyneIndia which have been attended by over 150 gynecologists. See a sample of her work in a procedure on parametrial Endometriosis excision using MRI images and its 3D virtual reality reconstruction.