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Vattikuti Fellowship Alumnus Joins MGM Healthcare

16 MAY 2024

It's always exciting to learn of a former Vattikuti Fellow reaching new heights in their careers. Vasantharaja Ramasami recently has joined MGM Healthcare in Malar - Adyar, (Chennai, India). From the LinkedIn announcement:

"MGM Healthcare Malar ~ Adyar is proud to welcome Dr Vasantharaja Ramasamy, Consultant - Urology, Urology-Oncology & Robotic Surgery. Dr. Vasantharaja Ramasamy is a distinguished urologist with over 17 years of expertise, specializing in a comprehensive range of surgical interventions for urological conditions. Proficient in open, endoscopic, and laparoscopic procedures, he adeptly handles cases involving kidney, bladder, prostate, and urethral disorders."

Dr. Ramasamy served his Fellowship under Mentor Surgeon Dr. Ananthakrishnan Ramasami, CURI, Chennai. Malar’s infrastructure comprises 150 beds, 30 ICU beds and 4 Operating Theatres.

Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, VF CEO adds: "On behalf of the Foundation, we are pleased to learn of another Vattikuti Fellow's success. This is the reason all of us at the Vattikuti Foundation strive to find outstanding Mentors and Fellowship candidates, in addition to expanding our educational opportunities even further. We congratulate Dr. Vasanth Ramasamy on his new position."