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Don't Let Your KS Awards Entry be Rejected!

20 June 2024

Entries will be closing for the 2024 KS International Innovation Awards in less than 4-weeks. Currently, the number of entries is running behind last year's numbers. To date, half of the entries have been rejected!

Most have been rejected due to the inclusion of music, which is prohibited. Some have poor sound recordings of the narration, but there are other reasons, too. The best rule of thumb is: If it doesn't look and sound good on your computer, it won't to the Judging Panels! Remember, entries may be used for screenings in upcoming symposiums- they MUST look good.

Vattikuti Foundation Video Producer Dave Meinhard made a video with tips a couple years ago, which may help those entering videos for this competition learn what not to do before sending us their videos. PLEASE NOTE: the dates on the video are not correct for this year- the deadline is July 15, 2024! The deadline will not be extended.

Here is a link to the video:

Here is the link to the KS Awards Guidelines:

Those submitting videos soon- may have the opportunity to correct videos which are rejected- if you wait until the final days to submit, it will be too late, due to the volume of entries expected, and the time it takes to screen them.

Another reminder: Make sure that your name is on the file you enter! Example: "Kumar," NOT: "RAKT contest" We need a sure way to keep track of YOUR ENTRY, so that it doesn't become lost!

Good Luck!