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AI Results Criticized in Recent IEEE Article

4 JULY 2024

'IEEE Spectrum' recently interviewed AI expert and author Renee DiResta for an article titled 'Is AI Search a Medical Information Disaster? >Google's AI Overviews search tool may not be following best policies'

The article notes prior inaccurate information the 'Google AI Overviews' AI search tool has produced, including a pizza recipe which uses glue as an ingredient.

DiResta worked at the Stanford Internet Observatory. She has extreme concerns about the AI treating online misinformation as face. Her book 'Invisible Rulers - The People Who TUrn Lies Into Reality" comes out soon. During her interview, she tells 'IEEE Spectrum' in part: "...The problem is that it ('Google AI Overviews') does not seem to be adhering to the same standards that have long gone into how Google thinks about returning search results for health information..."

It is an interesting, comprehensive interview.

As with any search tool, one must use due diligence when doing research.

To read the complete interview, please use this link: