Inaugural Masterclass

The 1st Brady-Vattikuti Robotic Academy Hands-On Masterclass was held 13-18 May 2024 at Brady Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins Medicine. This is also the first ever training session Brady Urological Institute has held in its 100+ years in existence.

The Mentors

Ahmed Ezzat Ghazi

Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, MD
Program Co-Director

Mahendra Bhandari

Vattikuti Foundation
Program Co-Director

Sammy E. Elsamra

Robert Wood Johnson,
University Hospital,
New Brunswick, NJ

Arvin K. George

Associate Prof. (PAR) of Urology, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Dr. Ahmed Ghazi and Dr. Mahendra Bhandari were the course co-directors. Dr. Sammy Elsamra of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Dr. Arvin George of Brady Urological Institute mentored the participants.

All trainees came from India. The motivation to learn and benefit future patients superseded their short-term sacrifices of time away from their families and practices to attend the masterclass.


Director Urology, Uro oncology, Robotic surgery and Renal transplant
Jaipur, India

Rajesh Kumar Reddy Adapala

Consultant Uro-oncologist Hyderabad,

Preetham Dev

Consultant Uro-Oncologist Sparsh Hospital,
Yelahanka, Bangalore,

Bharat Shankar

Surgical Oncologist, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center
Bengalaru, India

Erena Pradhan

Norvic International Hospital

Amit Aggarwal

Vattikuti Fellow
Max Super Specialty
New Delhi, India

Rajamaheswari Natarajan

Senior Consultant Urologist, Chennai Urology and Robotics Institute, Chennai, India

Harini Sivamani

Fellow Resident Urogynaecolgy, Chennai Urology and Robotics Institute
Chennai, India

Two lab technicians, Lauren Shepard and Avinash Dhimal, were present throughout the week to support the masterclass and participants.

Dr. Erena Pradhan, technicians Lauren Shepard and Avinash Dhimal, and Dr. Bharat Shankar in the simulation lab at Brady Urological Institute.

The masterclass created excitement around the department, and one person in particular didn’t want to miss out – Dr. Patrick Walsh, the Urology Legend himself.

Using Ghazi’s proprietary simulated training methods, the course featured two procedures: radical prostatectomy & partial nephrectomy.

These short video clips exemplify the realism of Dr. Ghazi’s patented bleeding procedural hydrogel models that are unique in many ways and fabricated to maximize the learners training experience.

Guided simulation training allowed participants to improve their skills on a dedicated Xi training robot in Dr. Ghazi’s Mock OR including partial task trainer models (vesicourethral anastomosis and bleeding enucleation models to replicate tumor resection, etc.) which prepared participants for the full procedural experience.

This rigorous training rotated between the simulation center, OR and observation media room where teams alternated between using surgical set-ups on robot consoles and while the other team focused on the patient side. During the course, all witnessed partial nephrectomy and prostatectomy. The most crucial hours of learning were experienced when the mentors were side-by-side with the trainees, entirely present and focused to obtain in-the-moment feedback on technique at the simulation models. One of the most important opportunities to learn came with videos brought by the participants were discussed at length, where they learned how the procedures could have been done better.

After the course is over, participants have a 2-hour session with an expert to review case selection and gain feedback on case preparation on returning to their home institution.

From Vattikuti Foundation, thank you to everyone involved!
Dr. Ahmed Ghazi, Program Co-Director
Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, Program Co-Director
Dr. Patrick Walsh, University Distinguished Service Professor of Urology
Dan Stoianovici, PhD, Director, Urology Robotics Program
Dr. Sammy Elsamra, Mentor
Dr. Arvin George, Mentor
Avinash Dhimal, Lab Technician
Lauren Shepard, Lab Technician

Brady Urological Institute
Johns Hopkins University
600N Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD, USA 21287

The program co-directors:
Dr. Ahmed Ghazi, Course Director
Associate Professor of Urology and Oncology
Director of Minimal Invasive and Robotic Surgery
Director of Simulation Training
Brady Urological Institute, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Mahendra Bhandari
Vattikuti Foundation

If you have comments, questions or suggestions on upcoming masterclasses, contact us.