#187 Robotic Assisted Enbloc Dual Kidney Transplant Dr. Sreeharsha Harinatha

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From the entry: Robotic assisted En-Bloc Dual Kidney Transplant

Introduction and objective Robotic assisted kidney transplant for the recipient is being performed at several centres around the world with increasing frequency over the last decade.Several studies have shown equivalent outcomes as compared to open surgery, with better perioperative recovery. Here we present a case of Enbloc dual kidney transplant performed robotically, probably first such report to the best of our knowledge.

Materials and methods The deceased donor in this case was a 13 month old child weighing 8 kg. Bilateral kidneys were harvested enbloc along with aorta and Inferior Vena Cava (IVC). Careful bench dissection was performed and all the branches to the great vessels were carefully ligated. Top ends of the aorta and IVC were closed and lower ends were left open for the anastomosis to external iliac vessels. The recipient was a 30 y old male on hemodialysis since 4y. The enbloc kidneys were inserted through 6cm pfannenstiel incision through a handport. The aorta and IVC were anastomosed to external iliac vessels with 6-0 PTFE suture. Enbloc kidneys were placed in the extra peritoneal space. Bilateral ureters were joined together before extra-vesical reimplantation to the bladder. Results Total operative time was 235min and ischemia time was 85min. Arterial and venous anastomosis times were 19 and 21min respectively. Brisk urine output was noted intra-operatively and doppler showed normal indices in both kidneys. Creatinine at discharge was 1.5

Conclusion Robotic Enbloc kidney transplantation is feasible and safe at an experienced robotic center.

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