Master Class: Advances in Medical Imaging: Diagnostics to Theraputics

We have four of the top Pediatric Surgery/Imaging experts in the US sharing their knowledge of the latest technology and ideas of how to use medical imaging tools, 3D vision, 3D printing and more to assist surgeons in the most difficult Pediatric cases.

Here are our presenters and their topics:
1. Dr. Dilachew Adebo (Recent Advances in Pediatric Cardiac CT and Cardiac MRI)
2. Dr. Animesh Tandon (Advanced Advanced Imaging: Virtual Reality and 3D Printing for Interventional Planning)
3. Dr. Suren Reddy (ICMR – MRI guided Cardiac Catheterization for Congenital Heart Disease)
4. Dr Arpit Agarwal (Future of Imaging: Real-time guidance to surgeons.)

Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, VF CEO, will help host and offer his observations on the subject from the point of a renal transplant surgeon/AI expert. Lectures, with PPT’s, MRI (and other imaging formats), I:48:05