Basics of Robotic Surgery- da Vinci Si HD Surgical System Instructional Video


From Dr. Vivek Bindal and iMAS (Institute of Minimal Access, Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital): This is an instructional video describing the surgical robot. It includes all the basic information of instrumentation in robotic surgery. Da Vinci Si HD Surgical System (commonly known as surgical robot) is the most advanced platform for robotic surgery. This video describes in detail its various components and how to use them.

VF: This video provides a hands-on look at the many controls which need to be learned to set up the da Vinci Si unit prior to surgery and continues through to actual connection to a (dummy) patient. The actual description begins 1:20 into the program, when Dr. Bindal describes the three units which make up the da Vinci Si Surgical System. We see the highlights of the Surgeon’s console. Time is spent explaining the role of the Vision (video) cart and communication features the assistant has to point out items to the console surgeon. We then get a look at the tools and camera before learning how to prepare the Patient cart: draping the robot arms, the camera and camera cable. Dr. Bindal then explains how the camera and tools are connected to each arm. He then demonstrates the actual docking of the Patient cart (robot) to the body. How to attach individual tools and emergency undocking are shown.

This video provides the basics of what it takes to prepare and set up the da Vinci Si for robotic surgery. No actual internal look at the tools or trocar insertion are shown. Video lecture/demonstration, 41:00.

(The Si is the most-used surgical robot in India, but Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinc Xi is now their most recent system in use today. Both provide the surgeon and patient with top-line minimally invasive surgical options for many procedures.)