Bladder Neck Dissection Techniques, RARP- Dr. Marcio Moschovas, PhD


Dr. Marcio Moschovas, of the University of Central Florida and AdventHealth Global Robotics Institute was a speaker for the Vattikuti Foundation Master Class: ‘Techniques of Bladder Neck Dissection in Robotic Assisted Prostatectomy.’ His presentation was ‘Bladder Neck Dissection Techniques, RARP (Robotic Assisted radical Prostatectomy.’ He had a selection of videos, including one which includes valuable information on the da Vinci SP (single port) Robot; one on the technical challenges a surgeon faces from patients with a previous ‘Urolift’ procedure; and Bladder Neck Dissection in Large Medial Lobe. A faculty discussion follows the formal presentation at 17:30, Zoom lecture, with PPT diagrams and robotic surgery videos. TRT 28:51


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