Carcinoma Endometrium Robotic Staging Surgery


Manipal Professor Dr. S. P. Somashekhar provides this narrated video of the robotic procedure for Type 1 Extrafacial Panhystrectomy with Bilateral Systematic PLND. The patient is 56, with Post menopausal bleeding and hypertensive and DM. USG and TVS showed 3 cms polyploidy like growing in Fundus of uterus and normal adnexa. Endometrial biopsy showed Endometroud adenocarcinoma uterus FIGO G1. Other work up was normal. He has good photos and descriptions of port placement, then goes to da Vinci robotic camera footage of his work. He shares anatomy keys, tips for doing the procedure and more in this well-edited piece. Narrated, with PPT, Photos and robotic surgery video. 16:08

Gynecology, Oncology