Creating Your Career Roadmap


For the first program in the Vattikuti Scholar webinar series, Vattikuti Foundation CEO, Urologist and transplant surgeon Dr. Mahendra Bhandari offers his ideas for young medical professionals about making their best career choices. This Webinar was designed as a way for Dr. Bhandari to reach out to the many medical students and recent graduates who over the years have called on him for career advice. We learn about a famous scientist, how to avoid “Low-Hanging Fruit” in career moves, traits of “High Achievers” and much more. He uses examples from science and medicine in ways not expected… The advice is really not limited to those pursuing a medical calling. (Presentation ends at 36-minutes- Q&A to the end.)

Lecture with PowerPoints and a Q & A with the audience at the end. Recorded and edited from a live webcast. 42:18