Minimizing Complications of Robotic Bariatric Surgery


Dr. (Prof.) Arun Prasad, Senior Bariatric Surgeon & Chief of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Center, Dept. of Minimal Access Surgery, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi talks about robotic surgery and robotic bariatric-specific complications which may arise during surgery. He advises the Robotic Surgeons Council of India about DVT issues, patient positioning and even best practices for docking the robot for obese patients to make surgery safer.

Dr. Prasad shows exmples of problems he has encountered- sometimes due to an assistant’s error. “Identification and dealing with the problem is of paramount importance,” he tells the audience of surgeons.

There are many good tips for bariatric surgeons- but his advice works in all robotic specialties.

Lecture, with PPT’s & robotic surgery videos, 11:32