Current Status of Robotic Head & Neck Surgery


“There’s been a dramatic change in the way we treat patients, with the adoption of transoral robotic surgery.” (TORS) claims Dr. J. Scott Magnuson, Medical Director, Head & Neck Surgery, Celebration Health System, Orlando, Florida, USA. He was addressing the Robotic Surgeons Council of India, November 2017. After describing other techniques used (and corresponding difficulties with them) prior to TORS, he told the surgeons, “I believe personally, that this is the primary treatment for these patients.”

He discusses early research and data supporting it, plus other factors and procedures now acomplished robotically in many H & N situations. Robotic surgery videos are shown, which Dr. Magnuson narrates, describing key anatomical details and important points to be aware of while dissecting tumors. He also reflects on learning curves, and how it is not just the surgeon- but the whole team is responsible- as is good patient selection. This video is another example of not only Dr. Magnuson’s surgical prowess, but his ability to also share his expertise with other surgeons. Lecture, with Powerpoints and robotic surgery video, 29:47