Endomitriosis and Managing Challenging Pathology


Endomitiosis and Managing Challenging Pathology is edited from an Intuitive Surgical webinar from June, 2012. Robotic surgeon Meenakshi Jain, MD, FACOG was not enthusiastic when approached by her hospital about learning robotic surgery. Now, she is a strong proponent. With over 450 robotic procedures performed, she tells how she converted from laparoscopy to robotic surgery. She explains the ‘Jain Technique’, her method of robot docking as she works to help women “Manage pelvic pain.” She covers suspecting and diagnosing endomitriosis in her patients and shares what she feels are the benefits to using the da Vinci robot. Her comprehensive discussion includes teenage pelvic pain and misdiagnosis of the symptoms. Other age groups of women are also pointed out. “No kind of pain is normal.” She feels these are the kind of women who need her kind of care. With PowerPoint and videos of actual robotic procedures. 1:27:30