Intersphincteric Resection


Intersphincteric Resection


This is a KS National Robotic Surgery Awards Finalist, entered by Dr Jitender Rohila, co-produced by Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Dr Avanish Saklani.


Title :  Robotic Intersphincteric Resection; Dr Jitender Rohila, Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Dr Avanish Saklani; Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India


This video is from the live presentation at the 2019 Robotic Surgeons Council of India meeting.  Discussion follows the screening, not available in the earlier posting of this video on the VFRSI website & YouTube channel.


From the Abstract: Robotic surgery has helped surgeons with complex surgeries in anatomically restricted areas. As experience grows with the robotic platform, pushing the surgical boundaries for better patient outcomes is natural. Low rectal cancers with preserved intersphicteric space (ISS) are eligible for intersphincteric resection (ISR). This video demonstrates easily reproducible steps for the procedure. Notably, the approach includes robotic total mesorectal excision up to the pelvic floor dissecting rectal tube in the intersphincteric groove. Most of the dissection in the can be completed from above , which makes perinial dissection very easy. This is superbly achieved with the da Vinci Xi platform (Intuitive Surgical Inc, Mountain View, California, USA).


Robotic surgery (internal and external video)¬†narrated, with PPT’s MRI- 08:31


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