Masterclass on Uterine Transplant


If you wish to learn and understand the latest technique for Uterine Transplants, Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar is one surgeon whom many look to. He has performed several at the Galaxy Care Multispeciality Hospital in Pune, India- and has published his work in respected international journals. This is a recording of the Vattikuti Foundation Master Class series program from February 22, 2022. Dr. Puntambnekar thoroughly discusses all aspects- from harvesting the donor uterus through births and removal of the donor organ (when required). Noted Gynecologic & robotic surgeon Prof. Rooma Sinha, of the Apollo Health City in Hyderabad, served as Moderator for this informative program. Lecture, with PPT’s, Surgery videos, discussion, 01:08:02.

Masterclass, Urology