NOSE (Natural Orifice Specimen Extraction) for Carcinoma Rectum


Dr. Jagannath Dixit is a GI Oncosurgeon at HCG Hospital, KNUMC, Bengaluru. He discusses the technique developed by S.Korean surgeon Dr. Choi, whom Dr. Dixit studied with. He talks about locating and isolating the disease (tumor) before opening the rectum and removing the specimen via endo bag.

“Ergonomics (with laparoscopic surgery) are very difficult, but robot makes our life very easy,” he tells the Robotic Surgeons Council of India. Dr. Dixit gives tips on third arm use and “tactics,” as he narrates robotic surgery videos.

Lecture, with PowerPoints, photos and robotic surgery footage, 10:58.

Oncology, Wellbeing