Obesity Management Current Concepts


We are excited to have two top Bariatric Robotic Surgeons who joined us on April 23, 2021 for a patient-centric Vattikuti Foundation Webinar Series program on managing obesity. Obesity is the mother of many non-communicable diseases and is rapidly becoming a source of great concern among healthcare professionals. This webinar will cover the current concepts of etiology, complications, prevention, medical and surgical management of this disease. Many popular concepts people have about diet and weight management are all wrong! Dr. Prasad provides a thorough, informative look at how to win the battle of weight gain. Dr Bhatia adds his insight and both tackle questions from the webinar audience. Lecture, with PPT’s and discussion. 0:00-2:40 program introduction; 2:40- 38:40 Dr. Prasad’s presentation; Discussion, Q & A: 38:40-1:03:22; TRT:1:03:48