RoboGynIndia Keynote Presentations

The Vattikuti Foundation is proud to have had a part in the Association of Gynaecological Robotic Surgeons of India (AGRS) 2-day meeting called RoboGynIndia 2023.

The topics for the Keynote Speakers was left up to them:

00:40 Dr. Joseph Ng: “Building Sustainable Robotic Surgery Programs: a crash course in how to ruin your life as a surgeon.”

20:28 Dr. Arnold Advincula: “Total Practice with da Vinci Robotic”

45:20 Dr. Jeong-Yeol Park: “Single Port Robotic Surgery using Xi or SP- and malignant disease”

1:08:52 TRT Presentations, with PPT’s and robotic surgery videos, discussion.

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