Robotic Assisted PLND and SLNB


Dr. S. P. Somashekhar HOD & Consultant Surgical & Gynec. Oncologist from the Manipal Vattikuti Robotic Surgery Institute narrates and demonstrates his technique with good external video footage, diagrams and da Vinci robotic camera video. He describes port placement and why he chooses the tools used. We see docking the robot for this 4-arm procedure is an important, planned series of steps to avoid arm collision and interfering with the assistant port. Once inside, he describes the steps he takes and his opinions about the advantages of using the robot. He points out key points of pelvic anatomy and also some of the pitfalls the surgeon must be cautious to avoid. Narrated robotic surgery video with PPT’s, internal & external video, diagrams. 20:46.

Gynecology, Wellbeing